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 Crown Conversions

Crown Supercoach - Seats = Motor Home? Not quite; but you're getting the right idea.

There are more people out there who have converted old Crowns into Rolling Homes than you'd think.

The following are a few photos I have put together of some different Crown conversions for your viewing pleasure. For links to other school bus conversion web pages, check out the links section.

A converted 1954 Crown Supercoach.

1954 Crown Supercoach - This Crown conversion was actually listed for sale on the Trader Online web page for $3,400.00 OBO; that is where I found this photo. It has a Cummins Diesel Engine (originally a 504 Hall-Scott gasoline engine) and a 4-speed manual transmission.

A semi-converted 1955 Crown Supercoach.

1955 Crown Custom Coach - This is another Crown conversion that is currently for sale. It has a Fuller 5-speed transmission and a 779 Hall-Scott gasoline engine. Also included in the price of the bus is a 1969 Crown Supercoach parts bus with a Cummins 220 Diesel Engine.

A converted 1966 Crown Highway Post Office (HPO).

1966 Crown HPO (Highway Post Office) - This Crown conversion belongs to Dan Sunderland, and the photo above this was taken by him, not me. — I'd love to find one of these to convert into a motor home, I think they'd be great for that sort of project.

A somewhat converted 1967 Crown Supercoach.

1967 Crown Supercoach - This Crown conversion was also listed for sale on the Trader Online web page for $1,950.00; that is where I found this photo. It has a 5-speed manual transmission with a 2-speed rear end and a Cummins 290 Diesel Engine. As you can tell by the photo, the back 5-feet has been chopped off the bus in order to make room for a ramp.

A very nicely converted 1976 Crown Supercoach.

1976 Crown Supercoach - This Crown conversion is owned by Rob Hunter. It has a 210 horsepower 671 Detroit Diesel Engine and is now located in Indiana.

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