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 Crown's Safety Entrance Door

Crown Panic Safety Door

Exclusive One-Piece, Single Hinge Safety Entrance Door

Here are five reasons why Crown's Safety Entrance Door is by far the safest, most functional entrance door on any school bus today.

1. Crown's pneumatically controlled single leaf door with two large, one-piece windows gives driver much better visibility than the double-leaf doors with smaller glass panels used in other buses.

2. In the event of collision or fire (causing possible panic), this normally inward opening door can be easily opened outward by means of a simple lever device that any child can operate.

3. Pupils and outside objects are sometimes struck by an outward opening door. Crown's inward opening door eliminates these hazards.

4. Crown advance engineering eliminates the many problems caused by complicated mechanisms of the double-leaf door: frequent repairs, parts replacement, pinched fingers, entrance of cold, air and dust.

5. Crown coaches can be parked much closer together, saving valuable space in your bus parking area - an advantage most schools will appreciate.

The information and pictures posted on this page were taken from the brochure "CROWN Supercoach . . . The Ultimate in Safety and Economy."