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 Crown's Safety Exits

A view of a Crown Supercoach with all of its emergency exits open.

In addition to the patented safety entrance door and the left side emergency door, Crown provides a unique rear emergency window that has been designed to assure a positive means of escape regardless of the position of the coach. Placed high above the impact level and matching the curved contour of the coach, this rear exit is much less vulnerable to jamming at impact than some door level rear emergency doors. Both the side and rear emergency exits have simple, efficient release mechanisms with latches that can be easily operated from either the inside or outside of the coach.

Are three exits enough? Not for Crown. Every window in the Supercoach is of drop sash design and will open big enough and wide enough to permit even large adults to exit easily and quickly in case of emergency. Crown has taken care, however, to limit the opening of these extra large windows so that under normal conditions, a seated pupil cannot extend his arm out the window nor can he ever accidentally fall out or be thrown out through the window in case of a collision.

A photo of a man climbing out of a Crown Supercoach's student window.

Opening 13 and a half by 32 inches, Crown windows provide a safety exit big enough for an adult.

The information and pictures posted on this page were taken from the brochure "CROWN Supercoach . . . The Ultimate in Safety and Economy."