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 Safety — first!

Crown Supercoach structure illustration.

Since 1932, when Crown pioneered the integral-transit school coach design, the Crown Supercoach has been recognized as the safest school coach in the industry.

Now, new refinements and improvements, including a unique, super-strong "roll bar" roof structure, multiple body post assemblies and the use of 90,000 PSI ULTRA HIGH TENSILE STEEL in all of the main body structural members, have made the Crown Supercoach safer than ever.

In Crown's total integral engineering, all component sections of the coach are precision designed to function as complementary parts of the whole, with each contributing to the total strength of the finished unit. The massive all-steel understructure, the body posts, roll bars and rails are all precision jig assembled and electrically welded to produce a tough, rugged framework of maximum strength. The rounded front and rear panels, inside and out, are die-stamped to assure absolute uniformity and, like the roof panels, are formed of highest quality heat treated aluminum. The side panels are top grade tempered aluminum. Each of the sections and panels are precision engineered and applied to contribute the maximum strength to the entire structural unit.

Crown Supercoach structure illustration.

The extra-deep, pressed steel hat section roll bars are die-formed of 14 gauge, 90,000 PSI ULTRA HIGH TENSILE STEEL, positioned on 17 and a half inch centers and electrically welded to the six steel longitudinal rails and to the two main rails, also formed of 90,000 psi Ultra High Tensile Steel.

The tank-like strength of the extra deep front end structure is one of the safety benefits resulting from Crown's aerodynamic body design. The rounded configuration also reduced wind drag, resulting in greater fuel economy.

The Ultra High Tensile Steel used by Crown with a tensile strength of 90,000 psi, is almost twice as strong as the mild steel  commonly used in the industry with a tensile strength of 50,000 to 55,000 psi.

Crown Supercoach structure illustration.

Crown's total integral engineering, while primarily inspired by considerations of safety, has also resulted in the MAXIMUM STRENGTH AND DURABILITY of the Crown Supercoach. It is rare to find a Crown for sale that is less than 20 years old.

Crown Supercoach construction illustration. An illustration of a roof rail.

A square "torque tube" of 14 gauge steel has been integrated into the Ultra High Tensile Steel main roof rails and designed to absorb and eliminate stress caused by torsion action affecting the roof and body structures. Also adds strength to the roof rails between the window posts.

Crown Supercoach cross section illustration.

The information and pictures posted on this page were taken from the brochures "CROWN Supercoach . . . The Ultimate in Safety and Economy" and "Crown Supercoach . . . The 'Royalty' of Pupil Transportation."