A Bit of Background on Crown

Founded at the turn of the century and still owned and managed by the second and third generation of the founder, Crown has built an enviable reputation over a period of more than fifty years in the field of commercial transportation. In the "old days", the Crown Carriage Company was a leader in the field of horse-drawn vehicles and carriages on the Pacific Coast, and as methods of transportation improved and developed, Crown kept pace with the trends, and in many instances a step or two ahead.

For many years following the introduction of the "horse-less" carriage, Crown built the finest custom built commercial bodies to be found anywhere. Practically every important Western user of fine commercial bodies selected Crown as the finest available.

Realizing the future of the bus transportation industry, Crown began to manufacture bus bodies as far back as 1915. In those days neither the metropolitan nor the transit type motor coach had been developed, and the custom built bus body mounted on the commercial truck chassis launched the bus transportation industry into subsequent eras of remarkable growth and importance. Again Crown could point with pride to a select yet wide list of customers, many of which were pioneers in the motor stage industry. While Crown has continued to build inter-city and sightseeing coaches throughout the years for a select clientele, it became the largest producer of the integrally built transit type school bus in the country, and from known records engineered and manufactured the first integral transit type school bus in the nation. Since the advent of the integral transit type coach, Crown has engineered and manufactured a complete unit. The chassis is completely engineered and fabricated by Crown, with only the finest mechanical components known to the industry. The integrated body is likewise a Crown product, engineered and constructed to meet and exceed the most demanding requirements of our modern highway transportation systems.

In addition to the manufacture of motor coaches, Crown engineered and is in production with a revolutionary new line of fire apparatus known as the Crown Fire Coach, designed around the transit bus principle. While only in production for approximately one year, this new line of fire apparatus has met with enthusiastic acceptance. Among others, the city of Los Angeles has ordered and re-ordered the Crown Fire Coach, and soon will have a fleet of ten in service.

Crown has also engineered and is in production with a new highway cargo truck known as the Crown Cargo Coach. This truck incorporates the underfloor amidship horizontal engine, and the cab ahead of the front axle principles, thereby providing the maximum loading area, and permitting a vastly improved weight distribution on the axles.

The more than fifty years of forward thinking engineering and quality craftsmanship qualifies Crown to contend that Crown Supercoaches are the finest obtainable today. We invite your investigation and comparison.

Taken from the brochure "CROWN SUPERCOACHES: The Result of More Than Fifty Years of QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP" . . . Crown Body and Coach Corporation. (Circa 1950-1960)