Some of the First Engine Types Used in Crown Supercoaches

"It takes more than just horsepower — it takes TORQUE!"

As taken from a 1950s Crown Supercoach sales brochure . . .

Several engines are available in the Crown Supercoach, the International Harvester model R.D. 450, a 450 cubic inch engine developing 162 horsepower at 2800 R.P.M., the 504 cubic inch Hall-Scott developing 184 horsepower at 2700 R.P.M., the 779 cubic inch Hall-Scott developing 238 horsepower at 2200 R.P.M., and the 200 horsepower Cummins diesel. All engines are mounted horizontally amidship, with the International engine also available in vertical straight-in model. All engines include governors.

Hall-Scott Engines

The 504 cubic inch Hall-Scott engine was installed as a horizontal amidship under-floor in all A-504 models.

The 779 cubic inch Hall-Scott engine was similarly installed in all A-779 models.

Cummins Engines

The 743 cubic inch Cummins diesel engine was mounted as a horizontal amidship under-floor on all AD-743 models.

International Engines

The 450 cubic inch International engine  was converted by Crown for use in the horizontal amidship under-floor positions. This was also used in Model A-450s.

The conventional vertical International engine was used in coaches with the rear straight-in installation.